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Mobility and International Cooperation

Technology Assessment is present in a wide spectrum of companies in very different sectors of industry and services. This Doctorate (PhD) course is an alternative and advanced training scheme of large potential for technicians that are related with processes of technological choice or technological investments. But it provides anyway a high level of scientific and technological knowledge in a academic framework.

Michael Decker becomes Chairman of VDI Advisory Board

Michael Decker becomes Chairman of VDI Advisory Board

The Association of German Engineers (VDI) has elected the Professor of Technology Assessment and Deputy Head of ITAS-KIT as Chairman of the Advisory Board "Society and Technology".

Moniz, António B. "Synthesis about a collaborative project on “Technology Assessment of Autonomous Systems”." Enterprise and Work Innovation Studies 5 (2009): 83-91. AbstractWebsite

The project started in 2009 with the support of DAAD in Germany and CRUP in Portugal under the “Collaborative German-Portuguese University Actions” programme. One central goal is the further development of a theory of technology assessment applied to robotics and autonomous systems in general that reflects in its methodology the changing conditions of knowledge production in modern societies and the emergence of new robotic technologies and of associated disruptive changes. Relevant topics here are handling broadened future horizons and new clusters of science and technology (medicine, engineering, interfaces, industrial automation, micro-devices, security and safety), as well as new governance structures in policy decision making concerning research and development (R&D).

Collaboration with other institutions

The PhD programme has two type of collaborations: with foreign institutions and with national institutions. These collaborations exist to supply student's competences. They are either scientific due to contact with other experienced experts, or through social competences needed to present and compare interim results between students and foreign researchers. The PhD programm has several collaborations with foreign institutions, such as: