The Doctoral Programme on Technology Assessment (TA) started in 2009 at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT-UNL). The Programme offers an opportunity to develop projects in the field of TA, as well as to get acquainted with research being developed related to concepts, methodologies and different technology developments that require further evaluation and assessment.

Technology Assessment is a concept that embraces different forms of policy analysis on the relation between science and technology on the one hand, and policy, society and the individual on the other hand.

The PhD programme has the support from the research centre CICS.NOVA and runs at the Department of Applied Social Sciences of FCT/UNL with the collaboration of other departments of that faculty.

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  • Nuno Araújo
  • Baumann, Manuel
  • Beecroft, Richard
  • Boavida, N.
  • Nuno Boavida
  • Candeias, Marta
  • Candeias, M.
  • Cândido, Ana C.
  • Compagna, Diego
  • Michael Decker