Cryo-EM course


Join us for the first CryoEM@NOVA Hands-On Workshop/International Summer School: "Exploring the Synergy of Cryo-Electron Microscopy and X-ray Crystallography in Structural Biology”!

In this comprehensive 3-day workshop, you'll delve into the fundamentals and advanced techniques of these cutting-edge structural biology methods. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss with experts about recent advancements in Cryo-EM and Crystallography, as well as the future trends that are shaping the field.

Training will include a hands-on in Cryo-EM sample preparation, intro to Cryo-EM image data processing, fitting atomic models in Cryo-EM density maps and X-ray diffraction, indexing, integration and scaling!

Participants with purified protein that fulfills purity and size requirements are encouraged to bring their own samples (select option during registration).

The full programme is in the link below.

The Call for Applications is presently closed and is expected to open soon.

The course is limited to 10 participants. Decisions on applications should be made by the end of May 2024. Evaluation of applicants respects the principles of offering equal opportunities with regard to gender, disability or ethnicity.

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