Access the CryoEM-PT node at UCIBIO-FCT-NOVA

CryoEM@NOVA will establish the cryo-EM workflow and a cryo-EM-based research program at FCT-NOVA that includes sample preparation and data processing infrastructure, with cryo-EM data collection at INL, the central node of the CryoEM-PT Consortium that is hosting the latest-generation 200 kV autoloader cryo electron microscope with a direct electron detector. 

The node is currently preparing the installation of a glow discharger for grid preparation and a vitrification robot for sample vitrification. Once vitrified, sample grids are stored in a liquid nitrogen dewar hooked up to an alarm system.

For transportation of cryo grids, it is advisable to clip grids before shipping, therefore a clipping station and corresponding tools will also be available. Grids will be transported in dry shippers for off-site data collection (INL and/or other European cryo-EM facilities).

A data processing infrastructure will also be installed. The cluster will feature a 250 TB RAID-5 storage server with a 10 Gb/sec network and multi-core servers with 256 GB main memory and 4 GPUs.

Let us know if you are interested in accessing the FCT-NOVA CryoEM-PT node. Our evaluation is primarily based on scientific merit and technical feasibility of the proposed projects. The services and resources are available to all scientific, academic and industry communities. Fees for access to services and for consumables will be defined and published. Maintenance costs will be included in the user fees.

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