gluon — Static Verification of Contracts for Concurrent Programs

Given a set of rules which restrict the concurrent execution of the methods of a Java class M, gluon statically verifies that the usage of M by another Java class C abides to those rules.

Java Lightweight tracer

This project provides a library that allows to trace and log user defined events in Java programs. Can deused for both correctness and performance debugging of Java progams.

MoTH: Practical Verification of High-Level Dataraces in Transactional Memory Programs

MoTH allows to detect atomicity violation in transactional memory Java-based programs that execute in strong atomicity, through static analysis of the Java bytecode programs. MoTH is an extensible and flexible framework, which can be extended with plugins that detect specific types of anomalies.

ReDstm — Distributed Transactional Memory with Support for Partial Replication

ReDstm buils on TribuSTM and is a framework for distributed transactional memory which includes support for partial replication.

TribuSTM — Transactional Memory Framework

TribuSTM is a fork of DeuceSTM, and includes many new features, including efficient suport for multiversionsing.

TxBTRFS — A Transactional File System over BTRFS

An adaptation of the BTRFS linuex kernel module to suport a transactional behaviour (like in databases) over the file system.
Main developer: João Eduardo Luís