Best Paper Award at HVC 2012

The paper "Precise Detection of Atomicity Violations", co-autored with my MSc and PhD students Vasco Pessanha and Ricardo Dias, has received the Best Paper Award at theHaifa verification Conference 2012, one of the

New paper accepted at HVC 2012

The paper "Precise Detection of Atomicity Violations", co-authored by Vasco Pessanha, Ricardo Dias, and João Lourenço, was accepted at the Haifa Verification Conference (HVC 2012).

New paper accepted at Euro-Par 2012

The paper "Efficient Support for In-Place Metadata in Transactional Memory" co-authored by Prof. João Lourenço, the PhD student Ricardo Dias, and the MSc student Tiago Vale, was accepted at Euro-Par 2012 (acceptance rate of 33%).   It was awarded the title of distinguished paper and will be presented in a sepcial plenary session (with a total of three distinguished papers).

New paper accepted at ECOOP 2012

The paper "Verification of Snapshot Isolation in Transactional Memory Java Programs" co-authored by the PhD student Ricardo Dias (FCT-UNL), Dino Distefano (QMU London), João Costa Seco (FCT-UNL), and João Lourenço (FCT-UNL), was accepted to ECOOP 2012 (acceptance rate of 21%).