First area-scaling characteristics with solution-processed ZTO

Being a diode structure with the rectifying contact at the bottom (a), it is vital that the set occurs in the (negative) forward polarity in order to operate in the area-scaling mode. Only in this mode, the self-rectification can be maintained during switching (Milestone 3).

First Miletone "Successful solution-based ZTO and MoO3 thin film depositions" achieved

Deposition of MoO3 from solution has been optimized from the ground up. Attractive properties are achieved even at low temperatures (200°C). Work functions above 5.2 eV and excellent thickness control via the concentration in solution were obtained. Currently, devices are tested.

ZTO deposition from solution was optimized towards application in memristors. Also here, best performance was obtained with low deposition temperatures (200-250°C). While working between "traditional" Pt and Ti/Au contacts, we are now investigating novel contact materials.