Study Plan

The training is scheduled to start on September 13, 2024 and will last for 14 weeks. Afterwards, the evaluation period will take place.

Mandatory curricular units

• Railway Rehabilitation Techniques (RVF)
• Railway Inspection (IVF)
• Geosynthetics in Railway Rehabilitation (GRF)
• Dynamic and Long-Term Behavior of the Railway (CVF)
• Models for Calculating the Dynamic Performance of the Railway (MCD)

Optional curricular units

Block 1
• BIM Methodology and Technical Databases (BIM-ProNIC)
• Signal Processing for Condition Assessment (PSA)
Block 2
• Decision Support Methods (MAD)
• Numerical Simulation of Railway Accidents for Passive Safety Analysis (SSP)

Complementary lectures given by specialists

The complementary lectures will be incorporated into the schedule of various curricular units, depending on the topic to be covered.



CU - Curricular unit
MND - CU mandatory
OPT - CU optional
TP - theorical-practical class – remote contact with the lecturer