Decision Support Methods (MAD)

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Maria João Falcão Silva


• The course aims to provide trainees with knowledge of decision support models, namely Cost-Benefit Analysis (ACB), Multi-criteria Analysis (AM) and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (ACE), in the context of rail-road rehabilitation interventions.

Requirements on previous knowledge

• Basic notions of construction economics and management.


• Introduction to decision support methods
• Cost-benefit analysis (CBA)
• Multi-criteria analysis (AM)
• Cost-effectiveness analysis (ACE)
• Application to railway rehabilitation.

Recommended literature

• Franco, L.A., Montibeller, G., 2011. Problem structuring for multicriteria decision analysis interventions, In: J.J. Cochran (Ed.), Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, Wiley.
• Bana e Costa, C. A., Corte, J. M., Vansnick, J. C. 2012. MACBETH. International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making 11(2), 359-387.
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Report (80%) and its presentation (20%).

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