Signal Processing for Condition Assessment (PSA)

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Tiago Silva


• It is intended that trainees acquire knowledge that will allow them to define and implement signal acquisition systems for the purpose of measuring and controlling variables of interest. Trainees must be able to plan the sampling of signals in the (continuous) time domain, analyze and manipulate signals in both the time and frequency domains and apply their knowledge on real signals from railway acquisitions.

Requirements on previous knowledge

• Basic notions of instrumentation and signal acquisition system.


• Introduction;
• Signal acquisition and processing chain;
• Continuous and discrete signals;
• Signal sampling;
• Spectral analysis;
• Application cases.

Recommended literature

• S.J. Orfanidis, “Introduction to Signal Processing”, 2010
• A.V. Oppenheim, R. Schafer, “Digital Signal Processing”, Prentice Hall, 1999


Practical work (groups of 2)

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