Applications: (online)

from April 23rd to July 16th

Access Conditions  for the 2017/2018 academic year

Vacancies for 2017/2018 :
  • National Students: 30
  • International Students: 6
Admission rules:
  1. To have a bachelor degree or a formal equivalent in the areas of Exact Science, Engineering, Finance, Management or Economics with background in Mathematics;
  2. To have a foreign bachelor degree, in the areas mentioned above, according to the principles of the Bologna Process and from a state where this Process was adopted;
  3. To have a foreign university level degree, in the areas mentioned above, with the level of a Bachelor degree recognized by the Scientific Council of FCT NOVA;
  4. To have an academic, scientific or professional profile, recognized by the FCT NOVA as appropriate for the Master programme.
  1. Bachelor grade;
  2. Academic and scientific curriculum;
  3. Professional curriculum;
  4. Possible interview.
Master in Mathematics and Applications coordinator:
Professor Jorge Orestes Cerdeira