ICT Wearables & Healthcare

The study “wearables and healthcare” is supporting two MSc students (Koen Roorda & Roy de Laat) in Human-Technology Interaction (HTI) at Eindhoven University of Technology, and one PhD student (Elisabete Semedo) on Technology Assessment at Universidade Nova Lisboa.

More information at: http://sites.fct.unl.pt/ict-wearables-healthcare/

FCT-UNL researchers with STOA projects

Three researchers from the IET pole of CICS.NOVA at FCT-UNL are involved in two European Parliament Technology Assessment office (STOA) projects.

One is a project on "Assistive technologies for the inclusion of people with disabilities in society, education and jobs" and has Maria João Maia (PhD student of the UNL programme on TA) as project researcher. She is working in the ITAS-KIT team.

6th Winter School on Technology Assessment

The next 6th Winter School on Technology Assessment will take place at the Caparica Campus on December 9th from 9h30m until 17h30m. For more information, please see here.