Paulo Madeira

PhD student/Agência Nacional de Inovação

Paulo Madeira has a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Materials Engineering (1988) at FCT Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and is a PhD student in Technology Assessment at Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Since September 1993, he is coordinator at the ANI (the Portuguese Innovation Agency), promoted by the ministers for Science and Technology and Economy. His main activities are:

  • Chairman of the Commission for R&D Tax Incentives Certification;
  • Evaluation and management of R&D and innovation projects and programs;
  • Projects follow up and economical valorisation of their results;
  • Coordination of evaluation panels for submitted projects;
  • Technological brokerage.

He is former member of Secretary of State Cabinet for Science and Innovation, and he gave his contribution to the National Plan for Innovation and to the reorganization of public Science &Technology Laboratories.

He used to be a freelance consultant and gave a contribution to the technical assistance to European Commission regarding the information society implementation in Portugal and its expected evolution for the 21st century.