Technology Assessment

Webpage of the Observatory of Technology Assessment

OAT is an applied research unit of the research centre CICS.NOVA.

It is the only research unit dedicated to Technology Assessment in Portugal. Our research is conducted in several disciplinary fields, such as sociology, engineering, management and science and technology studies. The unit conducts research projects on different TA topics, such as health, transport, indicators and several emerging technologies.

Doctoral Programme on Technology Assessment

The CICS.NOVA unit at FCT-UNL is responsible for the coordination and development of the Doctoral Programme on Technology Assessment of Universidade Nova Lisboa.

6th Winter School on Technology Assessment

The next 6th Winter School on Technology Assessment will take place at the Caparica Campus on December 9th from 9h30m until 17h30m. For more information, please see here.

Webpage PDAT

A new webpage of the PhD programme on Technology Assessment was created. In this page you can find more updated information.

Nuno Carvalho Araújo

Nuno Carvalho Araújo


Nuno Araújo has a degree in Management and a master degree in Economics, and has a PhD in Technology Assessment (2022) at Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Abdurrahman Mete Yazan

Abdurrahman Mete Yazan


5th Doctoral Conference on Technology Assessment

5th Doctoral Conference on Technology Assessment

Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia

Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Programa Doutoral em Avaliação de Tecnologia

Local: Auditório da Biblioteca da FCT-UNL, Campus de Caparica


The aim of the working papers at IET/CICS.NOVA is the improvement of the scientific information exchange in the field of technology assessment, enterprise and work innovation, evaluation of emergent technologies, and foresight in its social and economical dimensions.These working papers should also promote the dissemination of advanced knowledge in research fields of science and technology with a critical perspective.

Isabel Marques Rosa

Collaborator researcher/Hospital Central Lisboa