Special streams and sessions

Continuous optimization and variational analysis

Chair(s): Juan Enrique Martinez Legaz

Mixed-integer non linear optimization

Chair(s): Jan Kronqvist and Sourour Elloumi

Multiobjective Optimization

Chair(s): Gabriele Eichfelder

Nonlinear continuous optimization for data analysis and machine learning

Chair(s): Dimitri Papadimitriou and Bang Vu

Variational inequalities and optimization under uncertainty

Chair(s):  Christiane Tammer and Akhtar Khan

Optimization on Health Informatics

Chair(s): Pilar Martínez Ortigosa

Optimal Control and Optimization in Finance, Commodity Trade, Insurance and Pension Fund Systems

Chair(s): Ionanis Baltas, Diogo Pinheiro and Gerhard Wilhelm Weber

Mathematical Programming and Computational Game Theory

Chair(s): Mathias Staudigl

Derivative-free Optimization

Chair(s):  Ana Luísa Custódio, Francesco Rinaldi

Conic Optimization

Chair(s): Tatiana Tchemisova, Markus Gabl

Global Optimization
Chair(s): Sonia Cafieri, Eligius Hendrix, Frédéric Messiné

Complexiity of Convex Optimization

Chair(s): Geovani Grapiglia, Yurii Nesterov