Aims and Scope

The 19th EUROPT Workshop on Advances in Continuous Optimization (EUROPT 2022) will take place in Caparica, Portugal, on 29-30 July 2022.  As the next summer  is predicted to be reasonably safe, the workshop is planned to be in-person but depending on the overall situation changes will be made accordingly if necessary.

Europt 2022 conference (July 29 - 30) comprehends a series of invited lectures, organized and contributed sessions. Folowing the conference the second edition of Europt Summer School  will take place (August 1-2). This school is directed to PhD students and young researchers in the field of continuous optimization.

The scope of the workshop includes (but may not be restricted to) the following topics:

Linear and nonlinear optimization
Large-scale optimization
Multi-objective optimization
Mixed integer nonlinear optimization
Optimization under uncertainty and applications
Derivative-free optimization
Semi-infinite optimization
Global optimization
Stochastic optimization
Complementarity and variational problems
Optimal control and applications
Conic and semidefinite optimization
Optimization in industry, business and finance
Complexity and efficiency of optimization algorithms
Analysis and engineering of optimization algorithms
Convex and non-smooth optimization
Data driven optimization
Nature inspired methods and algorithms
Multilevel optimization
Computational game theory
Optimization for learning and data analysis
Huge-scale optimization
Artificial intelligence based optimization methods and applications