More on Alper Yildirim lecture

In this talk, we give a brief survey of the theory and applications of quadratic programs. We then focus on convex relaxations. We develop a unifying perspective on a very large class of convex relaxations of nonconvex quadratic programs. We identify a family of so-called feasibility preserving convex relaxations, which includes the well-known copositive and doubly nonnegative relaxations, with the property that the convex relaxation is feasible if and only if the nonconvex quadratic program is feasible. We observe that each convex relaxation in this family implicitly induces a convex underestimator of the objective function on the feasible region of the quadratic program. This alternative perspective on convex relaxations enables us to establish several useful properties of the corresponding convex underestimators. In particular, if the recession cone of the feasible region of the quadratic program does not contain any directions of negative curvature, we show that the convex underestimator arising from the copositive relaxation is precisely the convex envelope of the objective function of the quadratic program, strengthening Burer’s well-known result on the exactness of the copositive relaxation in the case of nonconvex quadratic programs. Using this perspective, we discuss several families of quadratic programs that admit an exact convex relaxation. We also provide algorithmic recipes for constructing instances with inexact relaxations.