Research in Synchrotron Radiation Facilities

List of Research developed in the framework of Mobility of Researchers and Access to Research Infrastructures.

Synchrotron SOLEIL, Saint-Aubin, France


Line ANATOMIX (Advanced Nanotomography and Imaging with coherent X rays 3D Synchrotron nano-imaging of Cu-Cu2O eutectic: toward a better understanding of copper-base archaeological artefacts (main proposer: Luc Robbiola, Univ. Toulouse), Feb 2020.

Line PSICHÉ (Pression Structure Imagerie par Contraste à Haute Énergie) - 3D Syncrotron Imaging of Cu-Cu2O eutectic: an expected new approach for deciphering ancient metallurgical processes of copper (main proposer: Luc Robbiola, Univ. Toulouse), Feb 2018.

European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), Grenoble, France


Line BM25A (HG-118) - Co and Cu K-edge and XANES in ceramic pigments from glazes, lustres and porcelains of Portuguese origin from the 16th to the 18th century (main proposer: J.P. Veiga, UNL), November 2017.

Line BM25A (HG-100) - Sb K-edge and Pb L-edge speciation study through XANES in historical Portuguese tile glazes (main proposer: J.P. Veiga, UNL), June 2017.

Line BM29 in XAFS (EC-401) Cobalt plus copper as chromophore elements in ancient glazes: a local structure approach through the Co and Cu K-edges, November 2008.

Line BM29 in XAFS (ME-735) Assessment of speciation through the analysis of K-edge XAFS spectra of heavy metals: the type-case of antimony in ancient glassy materials, December 2003.

Line ID22 μ-FID in XAFS and chemical mapping (ME-324) Micromapping and speciation of copper and tin in archaeologic tubular multilayered glass beads, September 2001.

Line ID 22 m-FID in microfluorescence (CH-621), The Role of Fuser Metals in the Ageing of Tile Glazes: a Problem in Conservating an European Cultural Heritage, February 1999.

Laboratoire pour l’Utilization du Rayonement Synchrotron (LURE), Orsay, France


Line D15A-FLUO in microfluorescence, Non-Destructive Analysis of Cultural Materials, April 2001.

Line D15A-FLUO in microfluorescence, Non-Destructive Analysis of Cultural Materials, July 2000.

Line D15-FLUO in microfluorescence, Non-Destructive Analysis of Archaeologic Glass Beads, February 2000.