Affinity chromatography: History, Perspectives, Limitations and Prospects

Roque, ACA, Lowe CR.  2007.  Affinity chromatography: History, Perspectives, Limitations and Prospects. Affinity Chromatography: Methods and Protocols. (M. Zachariou, Ed.).:1-23., U.S.A.: Humana Press Inc.


Biomolecule separation and purification has until very recently steadfastly remained one of the more empirical aspects of modern biotechnology. Affinity chromatography, one of several types of adsorption chromatography, is particularly suited for the efficient isolation of biomolecules. This technique relies on the adsorbent bed material that has biological affinity for the substance to be isolated. This review is intended to place affinity chromatography in historical perspective and describe the current status, limitations and future prospects for the technique in modern biotechnology.

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