Welcome to the team, Gabriela!

Gabriela is an undergraduate student in Pharmacy and Biochemistry from USP - University of São Paulo, Brazil. She will be working closely with Manuel Matos on the production of novel affinity adsorbents towards antibodies. During her stay, Gabriela will enhance upstream and downstream processing of novel ligands discovered from combinatorial libraries.

Welcome to the team, Prof. Cícero Cena!

Prof. Cícero Cena arrived last week and is staying with us for one month. He is graduated in Physics and holds a PhD in Materials Science, he is an Associated Professor at the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS).

Welcome to the team, Guilherme!

Guilherme is our new Research Assistant in the SCENT project. He has a Masters degree in Micro and Nanotechnology Engineering from FCT-NOVA and did his master thesis in the University of Aalborg (Denmark), in the "Development of a microfluidic platform for dielectrophoretic separation of polymeric nanoparticles".

Welcome to the team, João!

João is a student in the 3rd year of the Integrated Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering in FCT-NOVA. Since he has a natural curiosity and already does electronics as a hobby, he is now investing his free time in our lab, gaining experience and know-how in several fields.

Welcome to the team, Sabrina

Sabrina arrived this week and is staying in our lab until March 2020. She is Brazilian, born in São Paulo, and is beginning the 3rd year of her bachelor degree in Pharmacy – Biochemistry in USP. She will be working closely with Manuel Matos on the production of novel affinity adsorbents towards antibodies. Antibodies and related fragments are important tools in biotechnology context due to their potential as therapeutic and imaging agents.

Students from the Master in Biochemistry stay in the lab

During these last 4 weeks, on every Monday, we had Inês Ferreira and Cristina Nunes in our lab, two students from the FCT NOVA Master in Biochemistry. They were eager to assist lab routines and learn some research procedures under the Biomolecular Techniques discipline. We are thankful for having students learning more about our lab but also for experiencing the enthusiasm of doing research. Hopefully this will motivate students pursuing the investigation path.

Fernando Nunes finished today his Master

Fernando Nunes, our last master student in the group, finished today successfully his Master in Bioorganic Chemistry.

Arménio Barbosa was the main supervisor and Cecília Roque co-supervisor. The work developed during the thesis was mainly in computational chemistry and related to “Molecular properties of VOC sensing materials”.

Congratulations Fernando! We will miss your usual cheer and joy at the lab. 

New paper about metallopeptides & computational design approach

Hydrolytic zinc enzymes are common targets for protein design but the computational design of metal-containing proteins remains challenging due to the need to properly model protein–metal interactions. To overcome these limitations, the authors propose to integrate information of protein–metal interactions in long time scale simulations by focusing on the inherent flexibility of small proteins and their interactions with the metal ion by molecular dynamics simulations and spe

Beatriz Mariz finished her MSc in Biochemistry

Today it was Beatriz Mariz day! She just finished with much success her Master in Biochemistry with the thesis “Artificial fluorescent phosphatase enzyme”. Ana Pina, the supervisor, Cecília Roque, co-supervisor, and the rest of the group could not be more happy for her.

We wish you all the best Bia, it was great to meet, work and have fun with you.

Inês Padrão finished her MSc in Biotechnology

Inês finished her MSc in Biotechnology with the thesis “Multicomponent Chemically and Physically Cross-linked Hydrogels” last Wednesday, the 6th of November.

Congratulations Inês Padrão for a successful Master Thesis Defense. We wish you all the best to your next professional challenge. It was great to have you with us.

NOVAsaúde 2nd International Conference

The environment and its consequences on human health were discussed on October 14th, 2019, at the NOVAsaúde 2nd International Conference dedicated to the theme "Respiratory Disease and Environmental Health". 

Welcome to the team, Wilton Cardoso

The coffee has a new undeniably aroma in our office that it had not had in the past mornings.

A night where science meets fun, European Reseachers' Night 2019

We had a great night again among all the researchers and people that pass by to visit 'The scent of science' at the European Reseachers' Night 2019 that took place on 27th September, at the National Museum of Natural History and Science (MUHNAC-ULisboa) and Jardim do Príncipe Real.

Welcome to the team, Eduardo Simões

Eduardo Simões is a new undergraduate student that arrived in the begining of September. He will be at our lab doing an internship until December 2019. He is Brazilian and studies Chemical Engineering at the Poli-Universidade de São Paulo (USP).

NOVA science for a day

On the 18th of September, 2019, Carina Esteves presented her PhD work about 'Intelligent gels for artificial olfaction' at the 2nd Edition of