Cecília Roque and Manuel Matos at the ACS Meeting in Orlando, USA, April 2019

In April Cecília Roque and Manuel Matos crossed the Atlantic to attend the 257th American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting & Exposition: 'Chemistry for New Frontiers' in Orlando, USA.

I. Moreira was in Spain for the Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials in March 2019

Inês Moreira presented her poster about 'Biopolymeric hybrid films for the detection of volatile organic compounds' at the 6th International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials in Sitges, Spain, on 11-15 March 2019.

Participation in the BIODEVICES 2019 Conference, February 2019

Gonçalo Santos & Ana Carolina Pádua were both in Prague, on February 22 - 24, 2019, presenting their work related with the electronic nose and SCENT project at the 'Electronic Health Records and Standards Session' in 

New people arrived in the team

Fábio, Sara, Iana and Margarida are the four new colleagues that joined the team in February 2019. They all know quite well the lab since they have been part of the team before as master or PhD students. We are very happy to welcome them again and looking forward to this new professional challenge together.

We hope to have many news about their achievements in the near future but meantime we also want to share their plans in the new positions and to know more about who they are.

Antibodies Excellent Young Researcher Award

The winners of the Antibodies Travel Awards for 2019 were announced!

Manuel Matos, PhD Student in Bioengineering Systems (MIT-Portugal Program) was awarded with an Excellent Young Researcher certificate.

New visiting scientist in the team

We have a new visiting scientist at the lab. Her name is Larissa Martins, she is coming from Brazil and is doing a BSc in Chemistry at Universidade de São Paulo. Larissa will stay with us for around 2 months, until the end of February 2019, and her work will be related to the SCENT project.

New publication in Journal of Chromatography A.

Human serum albumin (HSA) is an important biopharmaceutical agent that has the capacity to carry diverse molecules and increase their circulation half-life time, but also to function as a disease biomarker.

Different chromatographic and non-conventional approaches for its purification were explored by Raquel dos Santos together with Carina Figueiredo, Aline Viecinski, Ana Pina, Arménio Barbosa and Cecília Roque and are now published in the Journal of Chromatography A.

Trends in Biotechnology journal cover

The cover of Trends in Biotechnology issue of December is out and it is a beautiful figure prepared by Arménio Barbosa together with Catarina Oliveira. 

ITQB NOVA PhD Students Meeting

Our two PhD students, Raquel Santos and Ana Carolina Pádua, presented their research work at the 9th ITQB NOVA PhD Students Meeting. The meeting held on 7-9th November, at ITQB, was organized by the PhD students to present and discuss their work amongst the scientific community.

Congratulations to our Master students

We could not be more proud in the last weeks. Five of our Master students finished successfully their MSc with their Master thesis viva. Congratulations to all for the great work, much effort and full dedication. Wishing all the best to your future challenges.

Cláudia Alves (Master in Biomedical Engineering) - Signal processing and automatic classification tools in the development of a new optp-electronic 

New people in the team

We are happy to welcome our recent lab members!

Emi Ramou is our new post-doc researcher, a physicist that comes from Greece and will help us in SCENT project.

Paper in the spotlight

Our paper "Protein- and Peptide-Based Biosensors in Artificial Olfaction" was spotlighted @BiotechTimes.

You can check it here:

ECM31 Young Scientist Award

Our PhD student Raquel Santos was awarded the ECM31 Young Scientist Award to attend the ECM31 to present her work on the development of a new technique for protein crystallization at 31st European Crystallographic Meeting in Oviedo, Spain.

Quick tip for biomaterials science

Publishing your #biomaterials research #openaccess can help accelerate discovery in a highly interdisciplinary community, says Guest Editor Kimberly Hamad Schifferli for our upcoming Biomaterials Collection. Submit your research now!