Oxidative desulfurization strategies using Keggin-type polyoxometalate catalysts: Biphasic versus solvent-free systems

Ribeiro, SO, Granadeiro CM, Almeida PL, Pires J, Capel-Sanchez MC, Campos-Martin JM, Gago S, de Castro B, Balula SS.  2019.  Oxidative desulfurization strategies using Keggin-type polyoxometalate catalysts: Biphasic versus solvent-free systems, {AUG 1}. Catalysis Today. 333:226-236., Number {SI}


Strategic polyoxometalate Keggin-type structural modification was performed to increase the oxidative catalytic performance to desulfurize model and real diesels. The most active lacunar structure {[}PW11O39](7-) (PW11) showed to complete desulfurize a simulated diesel after 60 min at 70 degrees C. Its application as homogeneous catalyst using a biphasic system 1: 1 diesel/acetonitrile needed to use an excess of oxidant (ratio H2O2/S = 8). The immobilization of the PW11 on amine-functionalized SBA-15 supports originated two heterogeneous catalysts PW11@aptesSBA-15 and PW11@tbaSBA-15. The best results were attained with the PW11@aptesSBA-15 catalyst showing identical oxidative desulfurization performance as the homogeneous analogue. As advantage, this heterogeneous catalyst promotes the complete desulfurization of simulated diesel using a solvent-free system, i.e. without the need of acetonitrile use. On the other hand, the same desulfurization efficiency could be achieved using half the amount of oxidant (H2O2/S = 4). The oxidative desulfurization of the real diesel achieved a remarkable 83.4% of efficiency after just 2 h. The recycling capacity of PW11@aptesSBA-15 catalyst was confirmed for eight consecutive cycles using the biphasic and the solvent-free systems. Its stability investigation demonstrates to be higher under the solvent-free system than the biphasic system, without practically any occurrence of PW11 leaching in the first case. On the other hand, the Venturello peroxocomplex {[}PO4\{W(O-2)(2)\}(4)](3-), recognized as active intermediate in the homogeneous biphasic system, was not identified in the heterogeneous catalytic systems.


8th World Congress on Oxidation Catalysis on Oxidation Processes - Challenges and Solutions (WCOC), Polish Acad Sci, Jerzy Haber Inst Catalysis & Surgace Chem, Krakow, POLAND, SEP 03-08, 2017}

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