Technical description


  • Bruker 300 7,2 T wide bore

           1H frequency: 300.13 MHz


  • Avance III
  • 2-channel digital
  • Gradient: GRASP IIP 
  • Amplifiers of low (100W and 300W) and high (1000W) power for liquids and solids;
  • Gradient amplifier of high power (60A – 1500G/cm) for diffusion and microimaging;
  • Temperature control BVT 3000.
  • Software: Topspin 3.2 (for spectroscopy) and Paravision 5.1 (for microimaging).


  • Liquid state 13C/1H/2H 5mm dual probe (VT);
  • Liquid state BB/1H/2H 10mm broadband probe (VT);
  • Solid State MAS/CP/HPD, 4mm/15 kHz probe (VT), with a frequency range of 40-300MHz;
  • High power wide line 1H 5mm probe;
  • High power wide line 1H 10mm probe;
  • Diffusion probe Diff30 (60A/1500 G/cm) for 1H and 7Li;
  • Microimaging probe PH Micro 2.5 with 1H and 2H inserts.