Solid State NMR

The samples should be dry, air-stable powders with particle size under 0.5 mm. Large blocks of sample will need to be broken up. Films and fibres can also be analysed, although they will have to be cut to fit in a rotor. Please inform us before sending samples that are air-sensitive, that contain water or other solvent, soft samples, paramagnetic samples (including paramagnetic impurities), conducting samples or samples that would present a health risk if released.

Sample amount

The amount required should be 250 mg of material. If you cannot provide this much please inform us in order to discuss further options.

Price list for 2016 outside PTNMR (points/operational unit)

Operational unit: 1 morning, 1 afternoon or 1 night in working days, or full weekend in automatic mode.

I3N FCT-UNL Other universities Non-academic
50 75 100 150