Continuous wave terahertz imaging for NDT: Fundamentals and experimental validation

Costa, FB, Machado MA, Bonfait GJ, Vieira P, Santos TG.  2021.  Continuous wave terahertz imaging for NDT: Fundamentals and experimental validation. Measurement. 172(108904)


Continuous wave terahertz (CW THz) imaging, is a variant of terahertz imaging that has been gaining scientific
and technological relevance in multiple areas. In this paper the fundamental phenomena of CW THz were
studied and a mathematical model was developed that successfully describes the Fabry–Perot interference for
such a system, opening the possibility for measurement of thicknesses and surface curvatures. The capabilities
of the system were tested using different types of defects, such as voids, water infiltrations and thin metallic
wires. The interactions between different materials, features and the radiation beam were numerically studied
using finite element method and the results agreed with the experiments. By comparing the results with other
Non-Destructive Testing methods, it was found that CW THz imaging is particularly interesting to image water
infiltrations and composite materials that incorporate conductive wires.

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