Advanced Amorphous Multicomponent Oxides for Transparent Electronics

INVISIBLE is an interdisciplinary research project aiming to develop a new class of transparent electronic components, based on multicomponent passive and active oxide semiconductors (n- and p-types), to fabricate the novel generation of fully transparent electronic devices and circuits, either using rigid or flexible substrates.

The emphasis is on developing thin-film transistors (n- and p-type oxide TFTs) and integrated circuits for a broad range of applications (inverters, CMOS like devices, ring oscillators, CCDs backplanes for active matrices, biossensor arrays for DNA/RNA/proteins detection), boosting to its maximum the electronic performances for the next generation of invisible circuits.

This project is financed by the European Research Council, through an ERC 2008 Advanced Grant, contract number 228144. Starting date: 01/01/2009; Completion date: 31/12/2014.