c) Zélia Silva

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Zélia Silva holds a PhD in Biochemistry and is a Pos Doc researcher who has been studying the role of glycans in the biology of immune dendritic cells (DCs) and cancer. She has studied the role of DC´s sialylated glycans on trafficking as well as the modulation of surface sialic acid content by ectosialyltransferases present at cell surface.  She has contributed to the elucidation of the major importance of sialic acid content on DC´s immunogenicity. This findings led to the use of glycoengineering on DCs in order to boost their anticancer activity. Currently, she is committed to unravel the molecular aspects that account for DC´s improved immunogenicity, namely the improved DC-T cell interactions. Through fundamental research we hope to contribute to the development of innovative cancer immunotherapies based on DCs.


Selected Publications:


  • Silva M#, Silva Z#, Marques G#, Ferro T, Gonçalves M, Monteiro M, van Vliet S J, Mohr E, Lino AC., Fernandes AR, Lima FA., van Kooyk Y, Matos T, Tadokoro CE. and Paula A. Videira. 2016. Sialic acid removal from dendritic cells improves antigen cross-presentation and boosts anti-tumor immune responses. 2016.  Oncotarget (doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.9419)


  • MG Cabral, Z. Silva, D Ligeiro, E Seixas, H. Crespo, M. Carrascal, M. Silva, AR Piteira, P. Paixão, J. Lau and PA Videira. The phagocytic capacity and immunogenicity of human dendritic cell is improved by alpha 2,6-sialic acid deficiency sialidase. 2013. Immunology. 138:235-45.


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  • Zélia Silva, ZQ Tong, MG Cabral, C Martins, R Castro, C Reis, H. Trindade, K Konstantopoulos, PA Videira. Sialyl Lewis X-dependent binding of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells to selectins. 2011. BBRC.409:459-464.


  • M. G. Cabral, A. R. Piteira, Z. Silva, D. Ligeiro, , R. Brossmer, P. A.Videira. Human Dendritic Cells contain cell surface sialyltransferase activity. 2010. Immunol. Lett. 131:89-96.(doi:10.1016/j.imlet.2010.02)


#Co-first author