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A new species of carnivorous dinosaur, the largest predator in Europe (Torvosaurus gurneyi)

Between 2013 and 2017, 17 new taxa names of fossil vertebrates, by erecting new clades, genera and species, renaming genera, or naming ichnotaxa and ootaxa to Science were made. The extensive list is the follows: 1) Cyclotosaurus naraserluki n.sp., temnospondyl of Greenland; 2) Galeamopus pabsti n. sp., sauropod from Wyoming; 3) Suchoolithus portucalensis oogen. and oosp. nov., crocodylomorph egg; 4) Krokolithes dinophilus oosp. nov., crocodylomorph egg; 5) Catocapes angolanus n. ichnogenus and ichnospecies, tracks Angola; 6) Angolaichnus adamanticus n. ichnogenus and ichnospecies, tracks Angola; 7) Metoposaurus algarvensis n sp., temnospondyl amphibian from Portugal; 8) Galeamopus n. g., diplodocid genus; 9) Cardiocorax mukulu gen. et sp. nov., elasmosaurid from Angola; 10) Machimosaurus buffetauti n. sp., crocodylomorph from Germany; 11) Zby atlanticus n. gen et sp., sauropod dinosaur from Portugal; 12) Torvosaurus gurneyi n. sp., theropod dinosaur from Portugal; 13) Imocetus piscatus n. gen et sp., ziphiid whale from Iberia; 14) Tusciziphius atlanticus n. sp., ziphiid whale from Iberia; 15) Globicetus hiberus n. gen et sp., ziphiid whale from Iberia; 16) Choneziphius leidyi n. sp., 2013, ziphiid whale from Iberia; 17) Kaatedocus siberi n. gen et sp., sauropod dinosaur from USA. The fossils that allowed the introduction of the new taxa were obtained by excavations / expeditions in Angola (PaleoAngola project), United States, Brazil, Greenland, Laos, Tunisia, Mozambique, Mongolia, Morocco, South Africa and Portugal.

Posted by: Octávio Mateus


General view (from SW to NE) of the Ponta do Trovão section, Peniche
peninsula (Portugal), showing the outcrop recently ratified by the International
Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) as a Global Boundary Stratotype Section
and Point (GSSP).

Formalization of the definition and location, in the section of Ponta do Trovão (Peniche), of the Golden Spike (Global Stratotype Section and Point) of the base of the Toarcian, the fourth and last stage of the Lower Jurassic, lying between the Pliensbachian (lower limit) and the Aalenian (upper limit), dated to 182.7 ± 0.7 MA.

Posted by: Rogério Rocha