Accountability: Reports / Relatórios

"A number of research subjects covered by the GeoBioTec Center are unique in Portugal and are of a high national importance. Among academic projects, some important ones include radiogenic isotope geology (centered around a nationally unique radiogenic isotope laboratory), geodynamics of the Portuguese, Brazil and Iran crustal provinces, marine geology, and palaeontology. The major focus of the applied research is on sustainable use of mineral resources, geo-environmental problems (including urban geochemistry, environmental problems related to abandoned mines, agro-chemicals, dust pollution, and waste disposal), environmental geophysics and geochemistry, marine geobiology, medical geology, geomaterials, soil sciences, and geophysical support to cultural heritage. The societal relevance of the work with respect to the national mining sector and ecology is clearly defined and is of unquestionable national importance. Extending the research focus to agro-geosciences and soil sciences promotes the national importance of the Center and sustainability of its development"  

Evaluation Panel
(2017/2018) - NATURAL SCIENCES (GeoBioTec): Report (2019), Financing (2020-2023)

Agroforestry (AF group) - Relatório de Actividades 2020

Georesources, Geotechnics and Geomaterials (3G group) - Relatório de Actividades 2020

Sedimentary Basins and Palaeontology (SBP group)  - Relatório de Actividades 2020