Ana Furtado

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Chemistry Department

NOVA School of Science & Technology| NOVA SST

NOVA University of Lisbon

Lab. 510

Phone: +351 212 948 300 (Internal extension: 10942)


IBB-Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences and i4HB-Institute for Health and Bioeconomy

Bioengineering department

Instituto Superior Técnico

University of Lisbon

Lab. XXX

Phone: +351 XXX XXX XXX (Internal extension: XXX)

Current Position

PhD Student in Sustainable Chemistry under NOVA SST/IST partnership (grant reference SFRH/BD/150696/2020)


Research Project

Sustainable development of hybrid nanomaterials for catalysis and biopurification




MSc in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at NOVA SST

Thesis Title: Development of Smart Polymers using Clean Technologies for Application in Bio-purification Processes 

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Teresa Casimiro and Dr. Raquel Viveiros


Ana I. Furtado, Raquel Viveiros, Vasco D.B. Bonifácio, André Melo, Teresa Casimiro, Biomolecular Fishing: Design, Green Synthesis and Performance of L-Leucine-Molecularly Imprinted PolymersACS Omega, 2023, 8(10), 9179-9186.

Book Chapter

Ana I. Furtado, Raquel Viveiros, Teresa Casimiro, MIP Synthesis and Processing Using Supercritical FluidsMethods in Molecular Biology, 2021, 2359, pp. 19–42.



  • YERUN Research Mobility Awards 2022, competitive award for early career researchers from YERUN Universities (NOVA University Lisbon) to start a new collaboration with another YERUN partner university (Maastricht University).
  • 1st prize in the 3MT competition at the “13th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids”

Training Schools/Courses/Workshops


  • Participation in the Green Techno School (GRETEC) – COST Greenering Action CA18224 – Ttraining school (1/25 students selected from 62 applications) that focused on green chemistry and processing to boost these technologies at the industrial level. The GRETEC was organized by Prof. Dr. Thomas Gamse on behalf of the COST Greenering Action and held at 6th - 10th February 2023 in Graz University of Technology (Austria).
  • Internship in Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics supervised by Prof. André Melo (LAQV-REQUIMTE - Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto, FCUP) to select suitable monomers for LEU-MIP syntheses by quantum mechanics calculations using the Gaussian 09 program at Density Functional Theory (DFT) level coupled with molecular docking using the AutodockVina program. 2021-2022.
  • Training Course on Supercritical Fluids organized by The Association of Experts in Compressed Fluids - FLUCOMP. A short training course (5h, ) that covered fundamental topics (e.g., introduction to SCF technology; relevant SCF properties; equations of state; phase equilibria), selected applications (SCF-based particle formation techniques) and economics (techno-economical assessment of SCF-based processes), 28th February - 2nd March 2022, Coimbra, Portugal.
  • Online Training School Mechanochemistry: from supramolecular to covalent bonds – synthesis and structural characterization organized by Centro de Química Estrutural – Instituto Superior Técnico (CQE-IST/UL), supported by COST Action CA18112 (MechSustInd). Attended seminars, online classes and presented a flash communication under topic of her PhD Project (“Sustainable development of hybrid nanomaterials for catalysis and biopurification“), 22nd - 25th March 2021, Lisbon, Portugal.