Post-Doctoral Research Fellow


Silvia Rebocho, PhD (currently at FCT-UNL, Portugal).

Project Title: "Mimicking nature: Multi-functional affinity materials for targeted molecular recognition”, under IF/00915/2015/CP1224/CT0002 project.

PhD Students


Raquel Viveiros - PhD in Sustainable Chemistry, FCT-UNL/Hovione, Portugal (currently as Team member of CleanMIPTech Group).

Thesis Title: "Molecularly Imprinted Polymers - Their Application in the Manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)".


Mara Soares da Silva - PhD in Sustainable Chemistry, FCT-UNL, Portugal (currently Project officer at EURAMET-The European Association of National Metrology Institutes, London, United Kingdom).

Thesis Title: "Development of molecularly imprinted polymers using supercritical fluid technology".

MSc Students


Anita Lourenço, MSc in Biotechnology (currently at University of Coimbra, Portugal).

Thesis Title: “Improved polymeric medical devices for active substances delivery”.

Márcia Tavares, MSc in Biotechnology (currently at IST, Portugal).

Thesis Title: “Development of composite particles for pulmonary delivery”.


Renato Cabral, MSc in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (currently at Imperial College, United Kingdom).

Thesis Title: “Development of chitosan-based microparticles for pulmonary drug delivery”.


Joana Romão, MSc of Science in Bioorganic (currently at CAT Catalytic Center, Germany).

Thesis Title:” Development of cyclodextrin-hydrogel polymeric systems in scCO2 for drug delivery”.

Research Assistants


José Pinto, MSc in Biotechnology (currently at University of Nottingham, United Kingdom).

Project Title: “GENOSEP: Removal of Genotoxic Impurities from Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients” financed by FCT-MCTES project PTDC/QEQ-PRS/2757/2012.


Anita Lourenço, MSc in Biotechnology (currently at University of Coimbra, Portugal)

Project Title: “Development of molecular recognition‐based materials using supercritical fluid technology. Application to chromatography, catalysis and extraction” financed by FCT-MCTES project PTDC/QUI‐QUI/102460/2008.


Franklin Nóbrega, MSc in Biotechnology (currently at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands).

Project Title: Study of intermolecular interactions in alternative solvents by high-pressure NMR, financed by the project PTDC/QUI-QUI/098892/2008.

Visiting Scientists

Other Students

Physical-Chemistry II project

May-July 2016

Development of electrochemical molecular imprinted polymers, Daniela Velez and Fernando Nunes, FCT/UNL.

Development of magnetic molecular imprinted polymers for fishing purification, Pedro Madeira, FCT/UNL.

May-July 2015

Development of a molecular imprinted polymers using supercritical carbon dioxide for drug delivery, Inês Ferreira, Gonçalo Marcelo, Aracy Lima and Duarte Amaro, FCT/UNL.

Program at FCT/UNL for introduction to scientific research 


February - Daniela Soares 


February - Ènio Correia

July - Pedro Madeira


February - Maria Belém 


February - Maria Inês Lopes

July - Joana Santos

Green Chemistry traininship


Beatriz Santos (Currently as MSc Student at Biomolecular Engineering Lab – UCBIO-REQUIMTE, FCT-UNL).

Henrique Costa (Currently as MSc Student at Biomolecular Engineering Lab – UCBIO-REQUIMTE, FCT-UNL).