Iana Lychko

PhD student


About me

Iana Lychko's main research interests are in the fields of Protein Engineering and Biomaterials. Currently, she is developing a new class of protein-based biomaterials for gas-sensing to control fish freshness. This work is within the Sea2See project which aims to explore the potential of cephalopode specific proteins called reflectins and their derivatives to form stimuli-responsive biomaterial. 

Current Position

PhD Student in Biotechnology at FCT-NOVA. Project title: "Protein Materials for gas sensing"

Research Project



MSc in Biotechnology at FCT-NOVA
BSc in Biochemistry at FCT-NOVA

Former Positions

2019 - Research Fellow at UCIBIO - Biomolecular Engineering Lab (9 months)

2017 - Visiting Master Student at Aix-Marseille Université, Institut des Sciences Moléculaires (iSM2), CNRS, Marseille, France (2 months)

Lab 523, Chemistry Department, FCT-NOVA

Phone: +351 212 949 624 (ext 10984)

Email: i.lychko@campus.fct.unl.pt


ResearchID: 991D-2C4D-AD28