Ana Margarida Dias

Junior Researcher


About me

I am a bioengineer passionate about protein engineering for different applications in Biotechnology, e.g. purification, therapeutics and materials. In my career both at academia and industry, I always pursued a multidisciplinary approach, combining different methodologies from diverse fields e.g. chemistry, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology. I believe that this approach is essential to develop novel protein-based products. As well, this will lead to technologies that can be transferred from academia to industry, which will have an economic and social impact in everyday life!

Currently, I am interested in applying my knowledge and experience in academia and industry to projects in protein engineering for novel marine based-materials. I am a team member in projects that develop novel materials for biosensing and purification.

I look forward to extending my research to novel protein-based materials applied to improve active biomolecules delivery to accelerate tissue regeneration!

Orcid ID:

CiênciaID: 2B10-5829-9682

Current Position

Junior Researcher

Project name

Sea2See: Bio-inspired materials for fish spoilage control


PhD in Bioengineering Systems (MIT|Portugal Program)


Bachelor in Applied Chemistry and Master in Biotechnology

Former Positions

Research scientist II at Isogenica, Cambridge, UK