Funding and Facilities


The Biomolecular Engineering Group is funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (Portugal) in 0.4 M€ and by awards granted by private and public entities (35 000 €).



Project Coordinators:

ERC-2014-StG-639123 - SCENT: Hybrid Gels for Rapid Microbial Detection

ERA-IB-2/0001/2013 - Integrated platform for de novo design and development of a chimeric enzyme for high-value chemicals.

PTDC/EBB-BIO/118317/2010 - Viral Capture and Purification System: Smart macroporous structures for the affinity purification of retroviral particles.
PTDC/EBB-BIO/102163/2008 - Engineered biomimetics for large-scale enrichment of phosphoproteins.
PTDC/EBB-BIO/098961/2008 - Innovative strategies for the purification of biopharmaceuticals: Magnetic Nanoparticles applied to High-Gradient-Magnetic-Separation and Aqueous-Two-Phase-Systems.
PTDC/BIO/65383/2006 - Chemical strategies for high-throughput proteomics: A rationally designed Affinity Tag-Receptor as a new approach for the production, purification and immobilization of recombinant proteins.

Project Partners:

CNPq Processo 400740/2014-1 - Pesquisador Visitante Especial, in partnership with USP-São Paulo.
PTDC/QEQ-MED/2656/2012 - Development of multimodal imaging probes for intravascular molecular imaging of inflammation.
PTDC/EQU-EQU/104552/2008 - Development of novel gelatine-based drug delivery systems using supercritical fluid technology.
PTDC/QUI-QUI/105504/2008 - Metallo Beta-hairpins: in search of new recyclable catalysts for greener chemistry.
PTDC/EBB-EBI/103761/2008 - Enhancement of oxygen transport by functionalized magnetic nanoparticles (FMP) in non-Newtonian highly viscous microbial fermentations for biopolymer production: theoretical foundations and technological feasibility.


•    Computational modeling and simulation
•    Combinatorial libraries / combinatorial chemistry
•    High throughput screening
•    High throughput antimicrobial assays
•    Synthesis, modification and characterization of nanomaterials
•    Magnetic Fishing (high gradient magnetic separator)
•    Protein production, purification and characterization