Welcome to the team, Gabriela!

Gabriela is an undergraduate student in Pharmacy and Biochemistry from USP - University of São Paulo, Brazil. She will be working closely with Manuel Matos on the production of novel affinity adsorbents towards antibodies. During her stay, Gabriela will enhance upstream and downstream processing of novel ligands discovered from combinatorial libraries.

When asked about the objective of her stay, she said “My main goal involves experimenting more closely the routine in the laboratory and being able to experience the exchange of knowledge and perspectives, which I believe will help me a lot not only professionally, but also for my self-knowledge.” We are welcoming Gabriela, wishing that she achieves her personal goals and hoping that she has a fruitful and enjoyable stay.

Apart from work, she has two baby dogs that she already misses. She enjoys reading and watching movies or series. Her favourite TV show is Friends. She also likes meeting new people and doing volunteer work.