Welcome to the team, Cátia!

New year, new beginnings! Cátia started in our lab on the 1st September. She holds a bachelor in Biochemistry and is now doing the final thesis within her MSc in Biotechnology, both in FCT-NOVA.

She will be working within the Sea2See project in protein expression and biomaterial production. Cátia’s main goal is to develop her scientific skills: learn new techniques, become more familiar with some already used and improve her writing skills. Additionally, since she wants to focus on the Biotechnology area, she is eager to understand and live the dynamics of a multidisciplinary team.

One of her main hobbies is to watch series, mainly the ones with police action or historical facts, but one of her favorites is Friends. Even though she prefers series over movies, she loved the latest movie of “Little Women”. She likes to travel and to contact new cultures, her dream is to backpack through numerous cities of Italy during some weeks.