Trends in Biotechnology journal cover

The cover of Trends in Biotechnology issue of December is out and it is a beautiful figure prepared by Arménio Barbosa together with Catarina Oliveira. 

"Biomimetism is depicted with an analogy of a humanoid head, from the perception of volatiles on the nose, to the processing of the electrical signals sent to the brain, finally resulting in the sense of olfaction. In pages 1244–1258 of this issue, Barbosa and colleagues discuss how the chemistry of volatile organic compounds is detected by artificial protein and peptide-based sensors, then transduced and analyzed through electronics and computing." 

Barbosa, AJM, Oliveira AR, Roque ACA.  2018.  Protein- and Peptide-Based Biosensors in Artificial Olfaction. Trends in Biotechnology. 36(12): 1244-1258.