Students from the Master in Biochemistry stay in the lab

During these last 4 weeks, on every Monday, we had Inês Ferreira and Cristina Nunes in our lab, two students from the FCT NOVA Master in Biochemistry. They were eager to assist lab routines and learn some research procedures under the Biomolecular Techniques discipline. We are thankful for having students learning more about our lab but also for experiencing the enthusiasm of doing research. Hopefully this will motivate students pursuing the investigation path. They gave us a glimpse about their experience that we share here.

Inês Ferreira told us that “my experience in the Biomolecular Engineering Lab was great, it is a big team, with big projects. I felt the people with who I contacted really tried to pass me some knowledge and it was a very enriching experience.” She found very fascinating how so many different areas of study come together in a project like the one related with the electronic nose, SCENT project. “I had already done some of the techniques that I saw in the lab but it surprised me the computation techniques and how many thing could be done with them.”

“This stay at the Biomolecular Engineering lab was a surprising but very rewarding experience. Unfortunately, the time was limited but I had the opportunity to be in touch with the most diverse points of science" added Cristina Nunes. "What struck me most about this experience was the real and genuine character of the lab itself which is reflected throughout the team. In the lab we could feel a united team focused in two main projects and a smile on the face of those who create each day a small impact on our science. In the clutter that may be a research project with such a big goal in mind, we see the calmness and organization of a well-managed and quite functional lab. Thank you for opening your doors to me in this great experience in discovering the little nooks of your lab and learning a little more about science, it was a pleasure.”