New visiting scientist in the team

We have a new visiting scientist at the lab. Her name is Larissa Martins, she is coming from Brazil and is doing a BSc in Chemistry at Universidade de São Paulo. Larissa will stay with us for around 2 months, until the end of February 2019, and her work will be related to the SCENT project. She will be mostly dedicated to improve the e-nose waterproofing. 

We made her a few questions to know more about her goals and interests:

1. What is your main goal during your stay at Biomolecular Engineering Lab?

My main goal in the lab is to learn more about molecular biology, which is something that I'm really interested about, and to see how I can adapt myself into new things, such as a new country or a new research group.

2. Apart from the work/research, tell us something about yourself?

I love to study chemistry in general, but I prefer the biological part. When I'm at the university I like to play football and basketball. My favorite book is called 'Milk and honey', from Rupi Kaur, and it's a really easy-reading poetry book which also contains beautiful ilustrations.