New publication on cork-based sensors on the news

Our new paper is on the portuguese news - Go check it on Expresso website

We just published a new research article that reports the development of environmentally-friendly gas sensing materials made of suberin (extracted from cork and potato peel) and a nematic liquid crystal.

This research work, published in Materials Today Bio, resulted from a collaboration between our research lab at UCIBIO NOVA and Cristina Silva Pereira from ITQB NOVA, both funded by ERC grants at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

Our group has strong expertise on environmentally-friendly gas sensors using biobased materials, and their application in our in-house electronic nose prototype to detect a wide range of gaseous samples. In this new collaborative paper, it is the first time that cork and potato-based materials are used in gas sensing, which was only made possible through the synergies with Pereira´s lab.

The paper is open access and available to read in: