Antibodies Excellent Young Researcher Award

The winners of the Antibodies Travel Awards for 2019 were announced!

Manuel Matos, PhD Student in Bioengineering Systems (MIT-Portugal Program) was awarded with an Excellent Young Researcher certificate.

Antibodies is an open access journal whith the major focus in studies related to antibodies and antigens. The journal awards annually graduate students or postdoctoral fellows with a Travel Award for their excellence in antibody research which should be used to participate in an antibody related conference.

Manuel applied to this award with his last work 'Novel adsorbent platform for antibody purification using small synthetic affinity ligands' that will be presented soon at the 257th American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting & Exposition: 'Chemistry for New Frontiers' in Orlando, USA.

Congratulations to Manuel of this very competitive travel award.