Representative Publications

by year and alphabetic order

Bis-o-Methylserotonin-containing Iridium(III) and Ruthenium(II) Complexes as New Cellular Imaging Dyes: Synthesis, Applications, Photophysical and Computational Studies
C. Nuñez, C. Silva, O. Nieto-Faza, J. F. Lodeiro, M. Diniz, R. Bastida, J. L. Capelo, C. Lodeiro
J Biol Inorg Chem (2013), 18:679-692

Electrochemical behaviour of bacterial nitric oxide reductase - evidence of low redox potential non-heme Fe(B) gives new perspectives on the catalytic mechanism
Cristina M. Cordas, Américo G. Duarte, José J. G. Moura, Isabel Moura 
Biochim Biophys Acta (2013) 1827: 233-238

Interaction of vanadium(IV) with human serum apo-transferrin
S. Mehtab, G. Gonçalves, S. Roy, A. I. Tomaz, T. Santos-Silva, M.F.A. Santos, M.J. Romão, T. Jakusch, T. Kiss, J. Costa Pessoa
J Inorg Biochem (2013) 121: 187-195

Iron-Sulfur Centers: New Roles for Ancient Metal Sites
Raquel Grazina, Sofia R. Pauleta, José J.G. Moura, Isabel Moura
In: Jan Reedijk and Kenneth Poeppelmeier, editors. Comprehensive Inorganic
Chemistry II, Vol 3. Oxford: Elsevier; 2013. p.103-148

New oxovanadium(IV) N-acylhydrazone complexes: promising antileishmanial and antitrypanosomal agents
J. Benítez, A. Cavalcanti de Queiroz, I. Correia, M. Amaral Alves, M. S. Alexandre-Moreira, E.J. Barreiro, L. Moreira Lima, J. Varela, M. González, H. Cerecetto, V. Moreno, J. Costa Pessoa, D. Gambino
Eur J Med Chem (2013) 62: 20-27

Nitrous oxide reductase
Simmone Dell'acqua, Sofia R. Pauleta, Isabel Moura, José J. G. Moura
Encyclopedia of Metalloproteins (2013)
Eds. R.H. Kretsinger, V. N. Uversky, E.A. Permyakov.
Springer. ISBN: 978-1-4614-1532-1539

Analysis of Resonance Raman Data on Blue Copper Site I Pseudoazurin: Excited State P and Charge Transfer Distortions and their Relation to Ground State Reorganization Energy,
R. G. Hadt, X. Xie, Sofia R. Pauleta, Isabel Moura, Ed I.Solomon
J Inorg Biochem (2012) 115: 155-162

Biochemical characterization of the purple form of Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus nitrous oxide reductase
Simone Dell'Acqua, Sodia R. Pauleta, José J.G. Moura, Isabel Moura
Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sc (2012) 367: 1204-1212

Comparative electrochemical study of superoxide reductases
Cristina M. Cordas, Patricia Raleiras, F. Auchere, Isabel Moura, José J.G. Moura
Eur Biophys J (2012) 41: 209-215

Diabetes Mellitus y Vanadio, em: Aplicaciones de los Compuestos Metálicos en Medicina
D. Barrio, J. Costa Pessoa, S. B. Etcheverry
D. Gambino, V. Moreno, M. Navarro, Eds., Editorial Academica Espanhola Berlin, 2012, pp. 227-322.

Evaluation of the binding of oxovanadium(IV) to Human Serum Albumin
I. Correia, T. Jakusch, E. Cobbinna, S. Mehtab, I. Tomaz, N.V. Nagy, A. Rockenbauer, J. Costa Pessoa, T. Kiss
Dalton Trans (2012) 41: 6477-6487

Multifrequency EPR Study of Fe3+ and Co2+ in the Active Site of Desulforedoxin
G. Mathies, Rui M. Almeida, P. Gast, José J.G. Moura, E.J. Groenen
J Phys Chem B (2012) 116: 7122-7128

New Strategies Against Prostate Cancer – Pt(II)-Based Chemotherapy
C.S. Matos, A.L.M. Batista de Carvalho, R. Pedro Lopes, M.P.M. Marques
Curr Med Chem (2012) 19: 4678-4687

[RuII(η5-C5H5)(bipy)(PPh3)]+, a promising large spectrum antitumor agent: cytotoxic activity and interaction with Human Serum Albumin
A. I. Tomaz, T. Jakusch, T. S. Morais, F. Marques, R.F.M. Almeida, F. Mendes, E. A. Enyedy, I. Santos, J. Costa Pessoa, T. Kiss, M. H. Garcia
J Inorg Biochem (2012) 117: 261-269

The catalytic mechanism of mouse renin studied by QM/MM calculations
N.F. Brás, Maria J. Ramos, Pedro A. Fernandes
Phys Chem Chem Phys (2012) 14: 12605

Ga(III) chelates of amphiphilic DOTA-based ligands: synthetic route and in vitro and in vivo studies
A. Fontes, M. I. M. Prata, C. F. G. C. Geraldes, J. P. André
Nucl Med Biol (2011) 38: 363-370

INS Study of Pt(II) Complexes Displaying Anticancer Properties
L.A.E. Batista de Carvalho, M.P.M. Marques, C. Martin, S.F. Parker, J. Tomkinson
ChemPhysChem (2011) 12: 1334-1341

Mechanism of formation of the internal aldimine in pyridoxal 5′-phosphate-dependent enzymes
E. F. Oliveira, N. M. F. S. A.Cerqueira, P. A. Fernandes, M. J. Ramos
J Am Chem Soc (2011) 133: 15496-15505

Nitrite reduction by xanthine oxidase family enzymes: a new class of nitrite reductases
Luisa B. Maia, José J.G. Moura
J Biol Inorg Chem (2011) 16: 443-460

Vanadium polypyridyl compounds as potential antiparasitic and antitumoral agents: new achievements
J. Benítez, L. Becco, I. Correia, S. Milena Leal, H. Guiset, J. Costa Pessoa, J. Lorenzo, F. Aviles, P. Escobar, V. Moreno, B. Garat, D. Gambino
J Inorg Biochem (2011) 105: 303-312

Gallium labeled NOTA-based conjugates for peptide receptor-mediated medical imaging
A. de Sá, Á. A. Matias, M. I. M. Prata, C. F. G. C. Geraldes, P. M. T. Ferreira, J. P. André
Bioorg Med Chem Lett (2010) 20: 7345-7348

Light and Color as Analytical Detection Tools: A journey into the periodic table using polyamines to bio-inspired systems as chemosensors
C. Lodeiro, J. L. Capelo, J. C. Mejuto, E. Oliveira, H. M. Santos, B. Pedras, C. Nuñez
Chem Soc Rev (2010) 39,:2948-2976

Transport of Therapeutic Vanadium and Ruthenium Complexes by Blood Plasma Components
J. Costa Pessoa, I. Tomaz
Curr Med Chem (2010) 17: 3701-3738

Triaza-based amphiphilic chelators: synthetic route, in vitro characterization and in vivo studies of their Ga(III) and Al(III) chelates
A. de Sá, M. I. M. Prata, C. F. G. C. Geraldes, J. P. André
J Inorg Biochem (2010) 104: 1051-1062

DNA cleavage activity of VIVO(acac)2 and derivatives
N. Butenko, I. Tomaz, O. Nouri, E. Escribano, V. Moreno, S. Gama, V. Ribeiro, J.P. Telo, J. Costa Pesssoa, I. Cavaco
J Inorg Biochem (2009) 103: 622-632

The zinc proteome: a tale of stability and functionality
S.F. Sousa, Pedro A. Fernandes, Maria J. Ramos
Dalton Trans (2009) 38: 7946

Computational enzymatic catalysis
Maria J. Ramos, Pedro A. Fernandes
Acc Chem Res (2008) 41: 689

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