Recent Publications

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Chemotherapeutic Response to Cisplatin-like Drugs in Human Breast Cancer Cells Probed by Vibrational Microspectroscopy
A.L.M. Batista de Carvalho, M. Pilling, P. Gardner, J. Doherty, G. Cinque, K. Wehbe, C. Kelley, L.A.E. Batista de Carvalho, M.P.M. Marques
Faraday Discussions (2016) on line (DOI: 10.1039/C5FD00148J)

Electron transfer and docking between cytochrome cd1 nitrite reductase and different redox partners - A comparative study
H.A. Pedroso, C.M. Silveira, R.M. Almeida, A. Almeida, S. Besson, I. Moura, J.J.G. Moura, M.G. Almeida
Biochim Biophys Acta (2016) 1857: 1412-1421

Metalloenzymes in Denitrification: Applications and Environmental Impacts
Eds I. Moura, J.J.G. Moura, S.R. Pauleta, L. Maia
RSC Metallobiology, The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016

Molybdenum and tungsten-containing enzymes: an overview
L. Maia, I. Moura, J.J.G. Moura in "Molybdenum and Tungsten Enzymes: Biochemistry", RSC Metallobiology Series No. 5.
Eds Hille, R., Schulzke, C., Kirk, M., The Royal Society of Chemistry, 1-80, 2016

Predicting Protein-Protein Interactions Using BiGGER: Case Studies
R.M. Almeida, S. Dell'Acqua L. Krippahl, J.J.G. Moura, S.R. Pauleta
Molecules (2016) 21: 1037

Reduction of carbon dioxide by a molybdenum-containing formate dehydrogenase: a kinetic and mechanistic study
L. Maia, L. Fonseca, I. Moura, J.J.G. Moura
J Am Chem Soc (2016) 138: 8834–8846

The dual function of flavodiiron proteins: oxygen and/or nitric oxide reductases
C.V. Romão, J.B. Vicente, P.T. Borges, C. Frazão, M. Teixeira M.
J Biol Inorg Chem (2016) 21: 39-52

The small iron-sulfur protein from the ORP operon binds a [2Fe-2S] cluster
B.K. Maiti, I. Moura, J.J.G. Moura, S.R. Pauleta
Biochim Biophys Acta (2016) 1857: 1422-1429

A Molecular View of Cisplatin's Mode of Action: Interplay with DNA Bases and Acquired Resistance
M.P.M. Marques, D. Gianolio, G. Cibin, J. Tomkinson, S.F. Parker, R. Valero, R.P. Lopes, L.A.E. Batista de Carvalho
Phys Chem Chem Phys (2015) 17: 5155-5171

A protein trisulfide couples dissimilatory sulfate reduction to energy conservation
A. Santos, S.S. Venceslau, F. Grein, W.D. Leavitt, C. Dahl, D.T. Johnston, I.A.C. Pereira
Science (2015) 350: 1541

Characterization and optimization of the haemozoin-like crystal (HLC) assay to determine Hz inhibiting effects of anti-malarial compounds
C. Tempera, R. Franco, C. Caro, V. André, P. Eaton, P. Burke, T. Hänscheid
Malaria J (2015) 14: 403

Dps from Deinococcus radiodurans: oligomeric forms of Dps1 with distinct cellular functions and Dps2 involved in metal storage
S.P. Santos, E. Mitchell, H.G. Franquelim, M.A.R.B. Castanho, I.A. Abreu, C.V. Romão
FEBS J (2015) 282: 4307-4327

Expanding the family of heteroleptic oxidovanadium(IV) compounds with salicylaldehyde semicarbazones and polypyridyl ligands showing anti-Trypanosoma cruzi activity
G. Scalese, J. Benítez, S. Rostán, I. Correia, L. Bradford, M. Vieites, L. Minini, A. Merlino, E.L. Coitiño, E. Birriel, J. Varela, H. Cerecetto, M. González, J.C. Pessoa, D. Gambino
J Inorg Biochem (2015) 147: 116-125

Formation of an unusual pyridoxal derivative; characterization of Cu(II), Ni(II) and Zn(II) complexes and evaluation of binding to DNA and to human serum albumin
T. Mukherjee, J.C. Pessoa, A. Kumar, A.R. Sarkar
Inorg Chim Acta (2015) 426: 150-159

Insights into the structural determinants of the substrate specificity and activity of the mouse AOX isoforms
N.M. F. S. A. Cerqueira, C. Coelho, N. Brás, E. Garattini, M. Terao, P.A. Fernandes, M. J. Romão, M.J. Ramos
J Biol Inorg Chem (2015) 20: 209-217

Molybdenum and tungsten-dependent formate dehydrogenases
L. Maia, J.J.G. Moura, I. Moura
J Biol Inorg Chem (2015) 20: 287-309

Nature of the Surface-Exposed Cytochrome–Electrode Interactions in Electroactive Biofilms of Desulfuromonas acetoxidans
M.A. Alves, H. Ly, P. Hildebrandt, R.O Louro, D. Millo
J Phys Chem (2015) 119: 7968-7974

Nitrite reduction by molybdoenzymes: a new class of nitric oxide-forming nitrite reductases
L. Maia, J.J.G. Moura
J Biol Inorg Chem (2015) 20: 403-433

Periplasmic nitrate reductase and formate dehydrogenase. Similar molecular architectures with very different enzymatic activities
N.M.F.S.A. Cerqueira, P.J. Gonzalez, P. A. Fernandes, J.J.G. Moura, M.J. Ramos
Acc Chem Res (2015) 48: 2875–2884

Protonation state of the Cu4S2 CuZ site in nitrous oxide reductase: redox dependence and insight into reactivity
E.M. Johnston, S. Dell'Acqua, S.R. Pauleta, I. Moura, E.I. Solomon
Chem Sci (2015) 6: 5670-5679

Superoxide reductase from Giardia intestinalis: structural characterization of the first SOR from a eukaryotic organism shows an iron centre highly sensitive to photo-reduction
C.M. Sousa, P. Carpentier, P.M. Matias, F. Testa, F. Pinho, P. Sarti, A. Guiffrèe, T.M. Bandeiras, C.V. Romão
Acta Crystallographic (2015) D71: 2236-2247

The effect of phosphate on the nuclease activity of vanadium compounds
N. Butenko, J.P. Pinheiro, J.P. da Silva, A.I. Tomaz, I. Correia, V. Ribeiro, J.C. Pessoa, I. Cavaco
J Inorg Biochem (2015) 147: 165-176

The FlxABCD-HdrABC proteins correspond to a novel NADH dehydrogenase/heterodisulfide reductase widespread in anaerobic bacteria and involved in ethanol metabolism in Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough
A.R. Ramos, F. Grein, G.P. Oliveira, S.S. Venceslau, K.L. Keller, J.D. Wall, I.A.C. Pereira
Environm Microbiol (2015) 17: 2288-2305

Thirty years of vanadium chemistry
J. C. Pessoa
J Inorg Biochem (2015) 147: 4-24

Vanadium Compounds in Medicine
J.C. Pessoa, S. Etcheverry, D. Gambino
Coord Chem Rev (2015) 301-302: 24-48

Vanadium(IV) and copper(II) complexes of salicylaldimines and aromatic heterocycles: cytotoxicity, DNA binding and DNA cleavage properties
I. Correia, S. Roy, C.P. Matos, S. Borovic, N. Butenko, I. Cavaco, F. Marques, J. Lorenzo, A. Rodríguez, V. Moreno, J.C. Pessoa
J Inorg Biochem (2015) 147: 134-146

Vanadium and proteins: uptake, transport, structure, activity and function
J.C. Pessoa, E. Garribba, M.F.A. Santos, T. Santos-Silva
Coord Chem Rev (2015) 301-302: 49-86

A comprehensive factorial design study of variables affecting protein extraction from formalin-fixed kidney tissue samples
J. Araujo, E. Oliveira, A. Otero-González, J. S. Nores, G. Igrejas, C. Lodeiro, J. L. Capelo, H. M. Santos
Talanta (2014) 119: 90-97

A novel quinoline molecular probe and the derived functionalized gold nanoparticles: Sensing properties and cytotoxicity studies in MCF-7 human breast cancer cells
C. Nuñez, E. Oliveira, J. Lorenzo, M. Diniz, J. L. Capelo, C. Lodeiro
J Inorg Biochemistry (2014) 137: 115-122

Analysis of the residual alignment of a paramagnetic multiheme cytochrome by NMR
S.N. Neto, B.M. Fonseca, C. Maycock, R.O. Louro
Chem Commun (2014) 50: 4561-4563

Hydroxyquinoline derived vanadium(IV and V) and copper(II) complexes as potential anti-tuberculosis and anti-tumor agents
I. Correia, P. Adão, S. Roy, M. Wahba, C. Matos, M.R. Maurya, F. Marques, F.R. Pavan, C.Q.F. Leite, F. Avecilla, J.C. Pessoa
J Inorg Biochem (2014) 141: 83-93

How Biology handles nitrite
L. Maia, J.J.G. Moura
Chem Rev (2014) 114: 5273-5357

Increased Breast Cancer Cell Toxicity by Palladination of the Polyamine Analogue N1,N11-bis(ethyl)Norspermine
T.M. Silva, S.M. Fiuza, M.P.M. Marques, L. Persson, S. Oredsson
Amino Acids (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology) (2014) 46: 339–352

Metabolic Markers of Osteosarcoma Cell Line Response to Doxorubicin and Methotrexate Treatment: Comparison to Cisplatin
I. Lamego, I.F. Duarte, M.P.M. Marques, A.M. Gil
J Proteome Res (2014) 13: 6033-6045

New insights on vanadium binding to human serum transferrin
J.C. Pessoa, G. Gonçalves, S. Roy, I. Correia, S. Mehtab, M.F.A. Santos, T. Santos-Silva
Inorg Chim Acta (2014) 420: 60-68

New metal complexes of NNO tridentate ligands: effect of metal center and co-ligand on biological activity
I. Machado, M. Fernández, L. Becco, B. Garat, R.F. Brissos, N. Zabarska, P. Gamez, F. Marques, I. Correia, J.C. Pessoa, D. Gambino
Inorg Chim Acta (2014) 420: 39-46

New ternary Bipyridine-Terpyridine Copper(II) complexes as self-activating chemical nucleases
S. Gama, I. Rodrigues, F. Marques, E. Palma, I. Correia, N.F.N.N. Carvalho, J.C. Pessoa, A. Cruz, S. Mendo, I.C. Santos, F. Mendes, I. Santos, A, Paulo
RSC Adv (2014) 4: 61363-61377

One Electron Reduced Square Planar Bis(benzene-1,2-dithiolato) Copper Dianionic Complex and Redox Switch by O2/HO-
B.K. Maiti, L. Maia, K. Pakhira, T. Aviles, I. Moura, S.R. Pauleta, J.L. Nunez, A.C. Rizzi, C.D. Brondino, S. Sarkar, J.J.G. Moura
Inorg Chem (2014) 53: 12799-12808

Tissue proteomics and imaging mass spectrometry
C. Lodeiro, J. L. Capelo, H. M. Santos
Proteomics (2014) 14: 805-806

Unveiling the details of electron transfer in multicenter redox proteins
C.M. Paquete, R.O. Louro
Acc Chem Res (2014) 47: 56-65

Use of Gold Nanoparticles as Additives in Protein Crystallization
D. Ribeiro, A. Kulakova, P. Quaresma, E. Pereira, C. Bonifácio, M.J. Romão, R. Franco, A. L. Carvalho
Cryst Growth Des (2014) 14: 222-227

Vanadium Complexes as Prospective Therapeutics: Structural Characterization of a V(IV) Lysozyme Adduct
M.F.A. Santos, I. Correia, A.R. Oliveira, E. Garribba, L.C. Pessoa, T. Santos-Silva
Eur J Inorg Chem (2014), 3293-3297

ZnO nanorods as immobilization layers for interdigitated capacitive immunosensors
P. Sanguino, T. Monteiro, S. R. Bhattacharyya, C. J. Dias, R. Igreja, R. Franco
Sensors and Actuators B Chemical (2014) 204: 211- 217

A new series of heteroleptic oxidovanadium(IV) compounds with phenanthroline-derived co-ligands: selective Trypanosoma cruzi growth inhibitors
M. Fernández, J. Varela, I. Correia, E. Birriel, J. Castiglioni, V. Moreno, J. Costa Pessoa, H. Cerecetto, M. González, D. Gambino
Dalton Trans (2013) 42: 11900–11911

Binding of VIVO2+ to the Fe binding sites of human serum transferrin. A theoretical study
G. C. Justino, E. Garribba, J. Costa Pessoa
J Biol Inorg Chem (2013) 18: 803-813

Characterization of Vanadium (IV) complexes of a heterocyclic 5-hydroxy-4-pyrimidinone and study of their interaction with human serum apo-transferrin and albumin
G. Gonçalves, M.M.C.A. Castro, F. Avecilla, T. Kiss, T. Jakusch, I. Tomaz, I. Correia, L.F. Veiros, L. Palacio, M. Maestro, M.H.V. Garcia, J. Costa Pessoa
Dalton Trans (2013) 42: 11841–11861

Induced peroxidase activity of haem containing nitrate reductases revealed by protein film electrochemistry
Catarina Coelho, Jacopo Marangon, David Rodrigues, José J.G. Moura, Maria João Romão, Patrícia M. Paes de Sousa, Margarida M. Correia dos Santos
J Electroanal Chem (2013) 693: 105–113

NMR Spectroscopy of Gallium in Biology
João P. André
in Encyclopedia of Metalloproteins, R. H. Kretsinger, V. N. Uversky, E. A. Permyakov Eds., Springer, 2013

Periplasm nitrate reductases and formate dehydrogenases: Control of the chemical properties of Mo and W for fine tuning of reactivity and substrate specificity
Pablo J. Gonzalez, Maria G. Rivas, Cristiano S. Mota, Carlos D. Brondino, Isabel Moura, José J. G. Moura
Cood Chem Rev (2013) 257: 315-331

Platinum and Palladium-Polyamine Complexes as Anticancer Agents – The Structural Factor
M.P.M. Marques
Int Schol Res Net - ISRN Spectroscopy (2013) 2013: 1-29

Polymorphism in Cisplatin Anticancer Drug
M.P.M. Marques, R.Valero, S.F. Parker, J. Tomkinson, L.A.E. Batista de Carvalho
J.Phys.Chem. B (2013) 117: 6421-6429

Rearrangement of Mo-Cu-S cluster reflects the structural instability of orange protein cofactor
Biplab K. Maiti, Teresa Avilés, Marta S. P. Carepo, Isabel Moura, Sofia R. Pauleta, José J. G. Moura
Z  Anorg Allg Chem (2013) 639: 1361-1364

Screening organometallic binuclear thiosemicarbazone ruthenium complexes as potential anti-tumour agents: cytotoxic activity and human serum albumin binding mechanism
B. Demoro, R.F.M. Almeida, F. Marques, C.P. Matos, L. Otero, J. Costa Pessoa, I. Santos, A. Rodríguez, V. Moreno, J. Lorenzo, D. Gambino, A.I. Tomaz
Dalton Trans (2013) 42: 7131-7146

The Sulfur Shift: An Activation Mechanism for Periplasmic Nitrate Reductase and Formate Dehydrogenase
Nuno M. F. S. A. Cerqueira, Pedro A. Fernandes, Pablo J. Gonzalez, José J. G. Moura, Maria J. Ramos
Inorg Chem (2013) 639: 10766–10772

Thermodynamic stability and relaxation studies of small, triaza-macrocylic Mn(II) chelates
A. de Sá, C. S. Bonnet, C. F. G. C. Geraldes, É. Tóth, P. M.T. Ferreira, J. P. André
Dalton Trans (2013) 42: 4522-4532

Unraveling the enigmatic mechanism of l-asparaginase II with QM/QM calculations
Diana S. Gesto, Nuno Cerqueira, Pedro A. Fernandes, Maria J. Ramos
J Am Chem Soc (2013) 135: 7146-7158

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