Prof. Cecília talks about the ERC funded project SCENT: Hybrid Gels for Rapid Microbial Detection

In this video, Professor Cecília Roque gives a description of the project SCENT: Hybrid Gels for RapidMicrobial Detection, funded through a Starting Grant by the European Research Council (ERC).

Prof. Cecília Roque featured in ERC facebook page

The European Research Council (ERC) facebook page highlights Prof. Cecília Roque and her winner project.

European Research Grant Award

Prof. Cecília Roque from UCIBIO@REQUIMTE was distinguished with the Starting Grant from European Resarch Council (ERC), one of the largest and more prestigious research grants attributed in Europe.

In the news:

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Magnetic Antimicrobial Agents was featured in the blog "The Drinking Water Advisor"

The work developed in our lab "Exploring the potential of magnetic antimicrobial agents for water disinfection" has been cited in the science blog

Crystal Sense was featured in "Exame Informática" Magazine

Click in the link below to see the article on the technology of our lab, that allows to detect bacteria by their odors.

Crystal Sense in "Exame Informática"

The Crystal Sense team, composed by Prof. Ana Cecília Roque, Ana Margarida Dias, Ana Sofia Pina and Ricardo Branco, was interviewed by the TV program "Exame Informática", as a result of the participation in coHItech program.

Congratulations Dr. Íris Batalha!

Our colleague Íris defended her PhD thesis!

She passed her Viva Voice Examination last 23rd July. We are very happy for her and wish her all the best!

CrystalSense @ COHITEC

News from COHiTECH

Our group is working hard in COHiTECH and Prof. Cecília Roque gave her testimonial about the experience. Check it in the website "Ciência Hoje"!

COHITEC 2014 - Closing Session Porto Business School 01.07.2014


Our European project,  "CHImerASE - Integrated Platform for de novo Design and Development of a Chimeric Enzyme for high-value chemicals" was approved.

We are at COHiTEC

Our group is participating in the COHiTEC program (

It´s being an intensive experience!

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Our group at EXPO FCT 2014

We had a fantastic day!

Our activities were "Coreografia de proteínas e seus pares em solução " and "Mag2 - Materiais Magnéticos e Proteínas Mágicas "

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Congratulations, Dr. Telma Barroso

Our colleague Telma Barroso is already a Dr.!

She passed her Viva Voice Examination last 3rd January. We are very happy for her and wish her all the best!

Our lab won the NZYTech Christmas competition

This year, the company NZYTech organized a competition for the most original picture representing Christmas in the lab routine using NZYTech products and/or symbols.

We were the winners :)