Relevant publications

List of international peer-reviewed publications [starting from most recent]:

1) M. Alexandre, H. Águas, E. Fortunato, R. Martins, M. J. Mendes.

Light Management with Quantum Nanostructured Dots-in-Host Semiconductors.

Light: Science & Applications 10, Article # 231 (Nov. 2021)


[from Nature Publishing Group]


2) J. L. N. Boane, P. Centeno, A. Mouquinho, M. Alexandre, T. Calmeiro, E. Fortunato, R. Martins, M. J. Mendes, H. Águas.

Soft-Microstructured Transparent Electrodes for Photonic-Enhanced Flexible Solar Cells.

Micro 1, pp: 215-227 (Oct. 2021).

URL: 10.3390/micro1020016


3) U.D. Menda, G. Ribeiro, D. Nunes, T. Calmeiro, H. Águas, E. Fortunato, R. Martins, M. J. Mendes.

High-performance wide bandgap perovskite solar cells fabricated in ambient high-humidity conditions.

Materials Advances 2, pp: 6433-6355 (Aug. 2021).

URL: 10.1039/D1MA00432H


4) R. D. Oliveira, A. Mouquinho, P. Centeno, M. Alexandre, S. Haque, R. Martins, E. Fortunato, H. Águas, M. J. Mendes.

Colloidal Lithography for Photovoltaics: An Attractive Route for Light Management.

Nanomaterials 11, pp. 1665 (June 2021)

URL: 10.3390/nano11071665


5) J. M. V. Cunha, M. A. Barreiros, M. A. Curado, T. S. Lopes, K. Oliveira, A. J. N. Oliveira, J. R. S. Barbosa, A. Vilanova, M. J. Brites, J. Mascarenhas, D. Flandre, A. G. Silva, P. A. Fernandes, P. M. P. Salomé

Perovskite Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor Structures for Interface Characterization

Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2101004 (2021)



6) K. Li, S. Haque, A. Martins, E. Fortunato, R. Martins, M. J. Mendes, C. S. Schuster.

Light trapping in solar cells: simple design rules to maximize absorption.

Optica 7, pp. 1377-1384 (Oct. 2020)


 [This article, performed in collaboration with Univ. of York (UK), gained enormous impact and became viral in the news worldwide. It was the top downloaded paper from Optica journal in October 2020, and was broadcasted in >150 international media websites, with a potential audience reach of >1 million readers according to a congratulating report received in November 2020 from Optical Society of America.


7) S. Haque, M. Alexandre, M. J. Mendes, H. Águas, E. Fortunato, R. Martins.

Design of wave-optical structured substrates for ultra-thin perovskite solar cells.

Applied Materials Today 20, pp. 100720 (July 2020)


 [Advertised in News Article: ]


8) A. C. Lourenço, A. S. Reis-Machado, E. Fortunato, R. Martins, M. J. Mendes.

Sunlight-driven CO2-to-fuel conversion: Exploring thermal and electrical coupling between photovoltaic and electrochemical systems for optimum solar-methane production.

Materials Today Energy 17, pp. 100425 (July 2020)



9) P. Centeno, M. F. Alexandre, M. Chapa, J. V. Pinto, J. Deuermeier, T. Mateus, E. Fortunato, R. Martins, H. Águas, M. J. Mendes.

Self-Cleaned Photonic-Enhanced Solar Cells with Nanostructured Parylene-C.

Advanced Materials Interfaces, pp. 2000264. DOI: 10.1002/admi.202000264 (Apr. 2020)



10) O. S.-Sobrado, M. J. Mendes, T. Mateus, J. Costa, D. Nunes, H. Aguas, E. Fortunato, R. Martins.

Photonic-structured TCO front contacts yielding optical and electrically enhanced thin-film solar cells.

Solar Energy 196, pp. 92-98 (Jan. 2020)



11) F. Vieira, B. Sarmento, A. S. Reis-Machado, J. Facão, M. J. Carvalho, M. J. Mendes, E. Fortunato, R. Martins.

Prediction of sunlight-driven CO2 conversion: Producing methane from photovoltaics, and full system design for single-house application.

Materials Today Energy 14, pp. 100333 (Sept. 2019)



12) J. Mascarenhas, M. A. Barreiros, M. J. Brites, Scale up of microwave annealed FA0.83Cs0.17PbI1.8Br1.2 perovskite towards an industrial scale.

Materials Letters: X 5, pp.100029 (March 2020)


13) S. Haque, M. J. Mendes, O. S. Sobrado, H. Águas, E. Fortunato, R. Martins

Photonic-structured TiO2 for high-efficiency, flexible and stable Perovskite solar cells cells  

Nano Energy 59, pp 91–101 (Feb. 2019)


14) M. J. Brites, M. A. Barreiros, J. Mascarenhas, V. Corregidor, L. C. Alves, J. V. Pinto, M. J. Mendes, E. Fortunato, R. Martins

Ultra-Fast Low-Temperature Crystallization of Solar Cell Graded Formamidinium-Cesium Mixed-Cation Lead Mixed-Halide Perovskites Using a Reproducible Microwave-Based Process

ACS Applied Energy Materials 2, pp 1844-1853 (Mar. 2019)



15) M. Alexandre, M. Chapa, S. Haque, M. J. Mendes, H. Águas, E. Fortunato, R. Martins

Optimum Luminescent Down-Shifting Properties for High Efficiency and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells

ACS Applied Energy Materials 2, pp 2930–2938 (Apr. 2019)



16) G. Torrisi, J. S. Luis, O. S.-Sobrado, R. Raciti, M. J. Mendes, H. Águas, E. Fortunato, R. Martins and A. Terrasi

Colloidal-structured metallic micro-grids: High performance transparent electrodes in the red and infrared range

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 197, pp 7-12 (Apr. 2019)



17) O. Sanchez-Sobrado, M. J. Mendes, S. Haque, T. Mateus, H. Aguas, E. Fortunato, R. Martins

Lightwave trapping in thin film solar cells with improved photonic-structured front contacts.

J. Mater. Chem. C. 7, pp 6456-6464 (May 2019)



18) M. Chapa, M. F. Alexandre, M. J. Mendes, H. Águas, E. Fortunato, R. Martins

All-thin-film Perovskite/c−Si four-terminal tandems: interlayer and intermediate contacts optimization

ACS Applied Energy Materials 2, 3979-3985 (June 2019)


Five most relevant publications prior to project start:

M.A. Barreiros, L.C. Alves, M.J. Brites, V. Corregidor, Depth profile by Total IBA in perovskite active layers for solar cells, Nucl. Instruments Methods Phys. Res. Sect. B Beam Interact. with Mater. Atoms. (2017).

M.J. Mendes, A. Araújo, A. Vicente, H. Águas, I. Ferreira, E. Fortunato, R. Martins, Design of optimized wave-optical spheroidal nanostructures for photonic-enhanced solar cells, Nano Energy. 26 (2016) 286-296.

H. Águas, T. Mateus, A. Vicente, D. Gaspar, M.J. Mendes, W.A. Schmidt, L. Pereira, E. Fortunato, R. Martins, Thin Film Silicon Photovoltaic Cells on Paper for Flexible Indoor Applications, Advanced Functional Materials. 25 (2015) 3592-3598.

M.J. Mendes, S. Morawiec, T. Mateus, A. Lyubchyk, H. Águas, I. Ferreira, E. Fortunato, R. Martins, F. Priolo, I. Crupi, Broadband light trapping in thin film solar cells with self-organized plasmonic nano-colloids., Nanotechnology. 26 (2015) 135202.

M.J. Mendes, E. Hernández, E. López, P. García-Linares, I. Ramiro, I. Artacho, E. Antolín, I. Tobías, A. Martí, A. Luque, Self-organized colloidal quantum dots and metal nanoparticles for plasmon-enhanced intermediate-band solar cells, Nanotechnology. 24 (2013) 345402.