Welcome to the SuPerSolar website!

Here you can learn about our project SuperSolar, in the frontline of current R&D in novel photovoltaic concepts, as well as access the scientfic publications and know about project announcements.

Project summary:

Current trends in photovoltaics (PV) demand thinner and more efficient solar cells for consumer products requiring bendable and high-power-density sources.

For this aim, the project develops an unprecedented PV material and device architecture that can exploit the full solar spectrum, via the combination of latest advances in quantum physics and photonics able to create nanostructured Perovskite semiconductors capable of pronouncedly generating electricity from photons with energy below their bandgap. This light management solution unlocks the possibility of increasing the efficiency of single-junction cells towards a 50% theoretical maximum (much superior than the 33% limit affecting conventional cells).

Importantly, such high efficiency is developed with flexible cells made by scalable cost-effective processes, enabling their use in a plethora of applications as sun-powered portable electronics or electric vehicles, which opens many opportunities for innovative products (see Project Goals).