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"L. Alberty Vieiraa", "F.M. Braz Fernandes", M" S" Q" C" O""RM "RJ.  2011.  Mechanical behaviour of Nd:YAG laser welded superelastic NiTi. Materials Science and Engineering A. 528:5560-5565.2011-mechanical_behaviour_of_nd-yag_laser_welded_superelastic_niti.pdf
and F.M. Braz Fernandes, K.K. Mahesh, RJCSSMRM.  2010.  Simultaneous measurement of electrical resistivity and x-ray diffraction during R-phase formation on Ni-Ti SMA, 6-7 Apr, 2010. Smart Structural Systems Technology - 2010. , Porto, Portugal: European Science Foundation2010-simultaneous_measurement_of_electrical_resistivity_and_x-ray_diffraction_during_r-phase_formation_on_ni-ti_sma..pdf
"D.P.L. Silva", "R.F. Martins", BF""FM.  2010.  Finite Element Modelling of Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloys. Materials Science Forum. 636-637:1112-1118.2010-finite_element_modelling_of_ni-ti_shape_memory_alloys.pdf
and D.P.L. Silva, MFRFFMB.  2010.  Finite element modelling of NiTi shape memory alloys. Materials Science Forum. 636-637:1112-1118.2010-finite_element_modelling_of_ni-ti_shape_memory_alloys.pdf
"R.M. Miranda", "L. Alberty Vieira", BF" Q""FM "L.  2010.  Joining process for shape memory alloys - A review. Welding & Material Testing. XIX(1):11-16.2010-joining_processes_for_shape_memory_alloys_-_a_review_weldingmaterialstesting-vol19-1201011-16.pdf
"Francisco M. Braz Fernandes", "Karimbi K. Mahesh", "RS" "CG"JC.  2010.  XRD study of the transformation characteristics of severely plastic deformed Ni-Ti SMAs. P hys. Status Solidi C. 7(5):1348–1350.2010-xrd_study_of_the_transformation_characteristics_of_spd_niti_smas.pdf