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We would like to welcome you to FCT/UNL, the hosting Portuguese University to the RaBBIT doctoral training programme. We are deeply committed not only to the University but also to quality and relevance of this programme. Here at FCT/UNL we believe that a high quality research environment informs high quality education and we are proud to have been internationally judged to be one of the leading research universities in Portugal delivering such post-graduate studies. The target population is primarily for MSc graduates whose backgrounds demonstrate preparation in scientific disciplines in the areas of Physics/Biomedical Engineering, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry and/or Biophysics. [more]

We would like to wish you the best for your studies and research within RaBBiT and look forward to meeting you in the future to come or in any of our events.

Professor Pedro Tavares (Programme Director)

Professor Alice S. Pereira, Professor Paulo Limão-Vieira (Local Directive Board)