Conference presentations

Invited oral presentations

From words to objects: the art of glassmaking through recipes”, M. Vilarigues, 15th Physics of Non-Crystalline Solids and 14th European Society of Glass conference, 9-13, July, Saint Malo (2018)

Discovering the matter of colour – UV-Vis spectroscopy of historical materials”, M. Vilarigues, HERACLES Fall School - "Characterization Techniques in Cultural Heritage, 11-12 October, Lisbon (2017).

From Words to Objects: The Art of Glassmaking Through Recipes”, M. Vilarigues, Technical Art History Colloquium XII: ‘The Making of Glass’, 18 May, Amsterdam (2017).

Glasspaints following documentary sources”, M. Vilarigues, SGT Centenary Conference, 4th - 8th September, Sheffield UK (2016)

A colecção de vitrais de D. Fernado II – montando o puzzle”, M. Vilarigues, De Vitro – 1ª Jornada do vidro do palácio Nacional da Ajuda, Lisboa, Portugal, 29 de Novembro (2012).

Stained Glass Collection D. Fernando II. Located in Pena National Palace (Sintra, Portugal), M. Vilarigues, J. Delgado, A. Rodrigues, SGT’s (Society of Glass Technology) Annual Conference: History & Heritage of Glass Seminar, University of Oxford, 7h September (2011).

Stained glass from the Convent of Christ in Tomar, Portugal: history and characterization”, M. Vilarigues, Pedro Redol, Joana Delgado, SGT Meeting, Cambridge, 8th-10th September (2010).


Oral presentations

"Thermal compatibility between grisailles and glass substrates",&nbsp, A. Ruivo, M. Vilarigues, C. Machado, A. Machado, M. Costa, L.C. Alves, I. Pombo Cardoso, Society of Glass Technology Annual Conference, Murray Edward College, 2-4th September, Cambridge (2019).

"Durability and stability of Debitus grisailles", C. Machado, M. Vilarigues, T. Palomar, 4th International Congress Science and Technology for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage (TechnoHeritage 2019), 26-30th March, Seville (2019).

"As grisalhas Debitus para a Conservação de vitral : um estudo analítico"C. Machado, A. Machado, T. Palomar, L.C. Alves, M. Vilarigues, II Colóquio: Investigações em Conservação do Património - Universidade de Belas-Artes de Lisboa, 27-29th September, Lisboa (2018).

"Historical Reproduction of Grisailles: A preliminary study"C.Machado, T. Palomar, A. Machado, L. C. Alves, M. Vilarigues, 15th International Conference on the Physics of Non-Crystalline Solids & 14th European Society of Glass Conference, 9-13th July, Saint-Malo (2018).

Artistic and Technical exchange in Medieval stained glass production – the first panels of the Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória", M. Vilarigues, P. Redol, 4º International Conference Medieval Europe in Motion, 13th-15th December (2017).

Sanguine red glass painting: historical recipes for production and application”, Â. Santos, M. Vilarigues, Corpus Vitrearum Conservation Forum - Stained Glass - Art at the Glass Surface, Cambridge, 4th - 5th Sept. (2017).

Technical Art History studies on the production of hand‐painted glass slides”, M. Vilarigues, A Million Pictures: History, Archiving, and Creative Re‐use of Educational Magic Lantern Slides, 29 Aug-01 Set, Utrecht (2017).

Enamels on stained glass windows: a quest for blue, A, Machado, M. Vilarigues, GLASSAC – Glass Science in Art and Conservation, University of Durham, U.K., 10 - 12 September (2014).

The Stained glass collection of King Ferdinand II of Portugal – study and conservation, A. Rodrigues, B. Martinho, F. Macedo, M. Vilarigues, Recent Advances in Glass, Stained Glass and Ceramics Conservation, ICOM-CC Working Group Glass and Ceramics Interim Meeting and Forum of the International Scientific Committee for the Conservation of Stained Glass (Corpus Vitrearum-ICOMOS), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 7-10 October (2013).

The Glass collection of King Ferdinand II of Portugal – Assembling the puzzle”, M.Vilarigues and B. Martinho, 19th International Congress of the Association Internationale pour l'Histoire du Verre, Piran – Slovenia, 18th - 22nd September (2012).

Yellow glass staining with silver", M. Vilarigues, A. Ruivo, J. Delgado, P. Redol, R.C. da Silva, V. Corregidor, L.C. Alves, ", 1st International Congress chemistry for cultural heritage, Ravenna, Italy, 30th June- 3rd July (2010).

Stained glasses under the microprobe: a window into history, M. Vilarigues, P. Fernandes, L.C. Alves e R.C. da Silva, 11th International Conference on Nuclear Microprobe Technology and Applications, Debrecen, Hungria, 20-25 Julho de 2008.

Stained glass from Monastery of Batalha: non-destructive characterization of glass and paintings”, P. Fernandes, M. Vilarigues, L.C. Alves e R.C. da Silva, GLASSAC –Glass Science in Art and Conservation, Valência, Espanha, 4 e 7 de Março de 2008.

Ion beam and Infrared analysis of medieval stained glass”, M. Vilarigues e R.C. da Silva, E-MRS 2003 (European Materials Research Society Spring Meeting, Symposium O – Materials aspects of art characterization, conservation and restoration), Estrasburgo, França, 10 a 13 de Junho (2003).

Infrared and ion beam analysis of 15th century stained glass, M. Vilarigues, P. Redol, L.C. Alves, R.C. da Silva, Art2002 (7th International Conference on Non-destructive Testing and Microanalysis for the Diagnostics and Conservation of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage), Antuérpia, Bélgica, 2 a 6 de Junho de (2002).