TUKE - Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnologies

Technical University of Kosice

Technical University of Kosice Letna 9, blok A, 2nd floor 042 00 Kosice

The scientific and research profile of our older specialists is based on their original scientific and
research orientation. From the Technologies in mining and the Geotechnical engineering (within
Geotourism they dealing with the Mining tourism and the Mining heritage) through the Geological
disciplines, to the Environmental science and the Environmental protection (with the emphasis on the Geotourism and the Sustainable development). Economically-oriented professionals are focused on economic issues connected to marketing, management, planning, project engineering, services in tourism, tourism development and tourism advertising. Very prospective and well-managed appears the area of the evaluation of geological and historical mining tourism objects. Original solutions were achieved by defining the Historical cultural routes passing through Slovakia like Upper-Ugrian Mining Route or the Medieval Salt Route. The developing analysis of the historical mining towns and the development of mining in these towns by the use of geo-information tools lead to the restoration of the historic mining excavations and to the reconstruction of the landscape changes caused by the mining activities.