Politechnika Slaska

Silesian University of Technology

Faculty of Mining and Geology 44-100 Gliwice, Poland

The Silesian University of Technology is one of the biggest technical universities in Poland and
conducts research activities into many mining and environmental issues such as air protection,
environmental protection, mining technologies, and the aspects of mines closure. The Faculty of Mining, Safety Engineering and Industrial Automatics has partnerships with all Polish mines (coal, lignite, zinc, copper etc.). It leads to a great number of conducted projects, approved patent rights and published scientific papers. Key expertise for the project which will be done by The Faculty of Mining, Safety Engineering and Industrial Automatics is as follows:

  • Distribution and geological/mineralogical details of copper/silver/salt/iron deposits in Poland
  • History of mining in Poland 
  • Development of mining equipment and technologies
  • Development of environmental protection strategy during and after mining operations

Detailed contribution is listed as:

  • preparation of characteristics of selected historical mining sites,
  • preparation of short videos from Polish example,
  • preparation of input data for the app and game,
  • translation and preparation of a booklet into Polish,
  • dissemination of the results/information of historical mining as: lectures in the schools, presentation at the Open days of the Faculty.